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Where Gamers Compete & Earn Cash Rewards

Are you a gamer and wants to earn cash rewards by playing video games? You are at the right place. vGames Arena is a platform which organizes mobile & pc games competitions and tournaments and rewards true gamers like you. You can participate in the matches and earn money by killing enemies and winning at positions. There are cash rewards on chicken dinner as well as on per kill. Play PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and COD Mobile to earn real money.

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Supported Games

PUBG Mobile

Free Fire

Call of Duty Mobile

That's just a start. More games are on the way.

What've we accomplished

**** Players

4.7 User Ratings

**** Matches Completed
PKR **** Worth Rewards Given
**** PUBGM UC Sold
**** Referral Points Rewarded
**** Kill Points Rewarded
PKR **** Leaderboard Reward Given

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Play Competitive Tournaments

Play and enjoy solo, duo, squad tournaments anytime everyday. Play with your real friends, kill enemies and get that chicken dinner to claim your reward.

Organize your own Tournament

Be an organizer and organize your own custom tournaments. Earn rewards on organizing custom tournaments.

Earn Rewards on Per Kill & Chicken Dinner

Smash some enemy brains and get per kill rewards. Get that chicken dinner or be a runner up to earn cash rewards.

Team-up with your Friends

Get your duo & squad ready and smash that win.

Enjoy Live Match Streams

Enjoy live streaming of tournaments & matches on YouTube with exciting commentary.

Withdraw Rewards in JazzCass/Easypaisa

You've earnd your rewards? Withdraw to real money using JazzCash/Easypaisa

Buy PUBGM UC at Low Rates

Buy PUBGM UC directly from us and at lowest rates in the whole country.

Refer your friends & Earn Points

Invite your friends in the app and earn reward points on every friend invited.

Refer & Earn

Invite Friends

Share your userid as refer code with your friends and invite them to the app.

Friends Join

Your friends install app, add your refer code, and play their first match.

You & Your Friends Earn

You and your friends earn referral reward points.

Convert reward points into cash and join matches to earn mega rewards. Cool!

Let's play & earn

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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the steps below.
  1. Open app and you will see various login options.
  2. You can press register button to create account with your email address.
  3. Alternatively you can use Facebook or Google account to login directly.
  4. You can also use your mobile number to create account & login quickly.
All of your information is secured with us and there is no privacy issue.
You can also watch YouTube video to get help
Follow the steps below.
  1. Open app and goto profile.
  2. Scroll down and click on Set Game ID
  3. You will see different sections for each supported game.
  4. Enter your In-Game ID and Name in the relevant fields and press Save button.
You can also watch YouTube video to get help
Follow the steps below.
  1. Open app and visit Explore Matches section. You will see a list of different matches.
  2. Click on any match to open match details screen.
  3. If it is a duo or squad match then scroll down and enter your friends' vga userid to register them in the match.
  4. Press verify check button.
  5. Finally click Join button, a confirmation box will popup.
  6. Verify details and confirm the box to get registered in the match.
Make sure your read all rules & regulations before joining a match.
You can also watch YouTube video to get help
Room ID and Password (for PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, etc. ) are shared inside the app. Follow the steps below.
  1. Open app and goto Explore Matches.
  2. Goto Joined tab and click on your joined match.
  3. Press Room Details button to get the Room ID and Password before 20 minutes of match start time.
  4. Make sure you open the relevant game and join the Custom/Room within 20 minutes before match start time and stay inside Room in your assigned slot number till match is started by our organizers.
You can also watch YouTube video to get help
  1. Arena Cash or AC is virtual currency of the app which can be used to pay entry fee and to earn rewards on winning matches & tournaments. You can also add AC in your wallet by add balance method explained next section. 1 Arena Cash (AC) = 1 PKR
  2. Arena Points or AP is points reward system of the app. You earn AP by refer & earn and per kill reward is also given in form of AP. AP can be converted to AC after earning enough points. 100 Arena Points (AP) = 1 AC
You can also watch YouTube video to get help



Yes, vGames Arena does provide an option to cancel entry from any match and get refund. But this option has to be used before 60 minutes of Match Start time only. To cancel your entry, just follow the steps below.
  1. Open app and visit explore matches and then joined matches tab.
  2. Click on the match you have joined in which you want to cancel the entry.
  3. You will see cancel button. Click to cancel your entry.
  4. Confirm the entry cancellation and you will get instant refund for the match entry in your vGames Arena Wallet.
Follow the steps below.
  1. Open app and visit Profile.
  2. You will find userid there which is your vga userid.
No, you cannot play. You need your partner for a duo match. For a squad match you don't have to get all 4 players, you can register with only 3 players.
If your partners don't come in the room then you can play the match solo.
Important: Don't just randomly add other users in a duo or squad match. You must have their permission before adding them to a match. Otherwise we can penalize or disable your account.
Yes, all of your squad members must install the app to join in a match.
Only the squad leader will pay the mentioned entry fee. Squad leader is the person who register himself and his whole team in a match.
Only the squad leader will receive the match winning rewards and he/she has full rights to share this prize with his/her teammates or don't share. VGA team will not entertain such queries. Per kill rewards are given to each player individually .
There can be several reasons due to which you were kicked from a room. Some of which are:
  1. You set incorrect PUBG ID & Name and hence our organizers team could not verify your entry in the match.
  2. You did not join the match but got room id and password from a friend to join room.
  3. You did not download the game map.
  4. You did not position yourself in your assigned slot inside room.
  5. Using Emulator to Play in Non-Emulator Matches.

We suggest you to read all of our rules before joinning any match.

If you think you were kicked by mistake then please share us your vGames Arena ID, PUBG/FreeFire/CODM ID, Match/Tournament ID and the Screenshot of your PUBG/FreeFire/CODM Profile. We will check it further and initiate refund if the case falls under our refund policy. Thank you!

If your account is disabled then that means you were found violating the rules & regulations. In such cases, sometimes account is recoverable by contacting our support team if case is not severe and sometimes case is of extreme nature and you cannot get your account back and all of your balance is ceased. Thank you!